Announcement of competition XXXIV AUDI ETO Balazs Cup



The date of the competition:
17-20. January 2019

Age groups:

Cat. LA

born after 1st of January 2003

Cat. LB

born after 1st of January 2005

Cat. LC

born after 1st of January 2007

Cat. LD – 5+1 sponge

born after 1st of January 2009



Cat. FA

born after 1st of January 2004

Cat. FB

born after 1st of January 2006

Cat. FC

born after 1st of January 2008

Cat. FD – 5+1 sponge

born after 1st of January 2009


We can accept the registrations only of the first 10 applicant teams in each categorie, according to the arrival of the filled-in registration sheets.

Game authority

  • Players can play not only in the team fitting her proper age group but also in the team of older groups of her/his own club.
  • If a club enters for more team in one category, there isn’t any possibility for the players to play in other teams of her/his club too.
  • The name list of the teams by age groups and by teams with the valid sports medicine cerifications must be given at the registration.
  • Only players who are on the name list can play matches.




Please send the filled-in registration sheet to our email address:

The registration sheet has to be filled in separately for each team!

Registration entry deadline:

  • 14th December 2018
  • the confirmation of the entries will happen at the latest until 19th December 2018

 Registration fee:

  • for 1 team: 30.000 HUF
  • for 2 teams: 57.000 HUF
  • for 3 teams: 81.000 HUF
  • for more than 3 teams: 25.000 HUF / team

The amount above should be paid by bank transfer on the following contacts:

in case of paying with HUF

Beneficiary name: Győr Projekt Kft.
Bank: OTP Bank NYRT
Bank account number: 11737007-20752369-00000000

in case of paying with EUR
Beneficiary name: Győr Projekt Kft.
Bank: OTP Bank NYRT
IBAN: HU72 1176 3378 5555 6886 0000 0000

Conditions of the participant, important information: 

  • The teams have to pay 15.000 HUF as a caution money on arrival, they will get it back when they leave, if they didn’t cause any damages at the accomodation or at the competition field
  • The teams have to pay themselves the costs of travelling to the tournament and back, the fee of accomodation, fee of meals and registration fee.
  • The registration fee has to be paid in at the latest until the registration deadline (14th December 2018)!
  • The participation fee (accomodation and fee of meals) has to be transferred to the above mentioned bank account at the latest until 4th January 2019!
  • The registrated teams can modify their datas at the latest until 4th January 2019, after this date we can not accept any modifications/changes, the last state will be taken into account on the bill.
  • We would like to inform the teams, that the organisers could not provide transport possibilities between the place of accomodation and tournament places, teams have to organise travelling for themselves.


Every participant player must have:

·  ID card or student card, passport

·  valid sports medicine certification

It’s necessary for teams to have

  • a name list consisting of each player
  • 2 set of jerseys in different colors
  • 1 gameball

Before matches players have to be proved on request.

Rules, policy implementation, umpirage:

  • The rules of HHF and EHF are valid on the matches
  • Depending on the numbers of entries, we will choose an organizing method, through which each team can play at the latest 5 matches
  • We decide all the places of the tournament
  • The matches will be directed by the referees of HHF

Accomodation, meals:
hostel + meals: 24.000 HUF/person
The fee above contains meals 3 times a day.

Tourist tax:
The participation fee does not contain the tourist tax, which is 450 Ft/ person / day over the age of 18.

The winners and silver medalists will be awarded with medals, cup, diploma and unique T-shirts.
The bronze medalists will be awarded with medals, cup and diploma.
Number of awarded participants: 14 players, 2 coaches!

In case of questions do not hesitate to contact us on